We are located in Northwest Kansas in a city of about 21,000 called Hays, Kansas.


The Mary Elizabeth Maternity Home was the idea of the Legion of Mary prayer group as they prayed for a means to combat abortion in a peaceful manner.  On April 4, 1997, after the gift of a Home, more than two years of volunteer labor and numerous donations, the Mary Elizabeth Maternity Home was established. It is so named because Elizabeth so warmly welcomed her cousin, Mary, the mother of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide unwed mothers who are between the ages of 10 and 21 with the resources and social support to enable them to make life-affirming decisions concerning their future and that of their unborn children.
  • To provide life-skills curriculum to empower the unwed mothers with the tools necessary to live independently.
  • To provide counseling through Catholic Charities to those wanting to improve themselves and set goals for thefuture.
  • To provide the opportunity to work or complete schooling.
  • To provide a positive environment to enable unwed mothers to build self-esteem enabling them to respect themselves, their bodies and make good decisions about future relationships.
  • To provide a Christian environment where prayer and regular church attendance is encouraged as God is the source of all strength and goodness.