MEMH Wish List:

  Disposable Cameras          

  Chap Stick, Carmex

  Facial Cleanser                  


  Toilet Tissue                      

  Home Cleaning Products

  Trash Bags                         

  Laundry Detergent/Dryer Sheets

  Gift Cards (Wal-Mart, movie  rentals, restaurants)                       

  Canned Fruits

  Canned Vegetables            

  Hair Brushes

  Shampoo & Conditioner  

  White Ankle Socks

  Sports Bras, size 32, 34, 36


Mary Elizabeth Maternity Home Auxiliary

2007 Fall Raffle

Our Auxiliary has worked very hard to host an outstanding raffle this year—they have 21 prizes to give away!  No contribution is required to win, but all gifts will help unwed mothers bring their pregnancies to term.  Suggested donation is $1 per ticket, 6 tickets for $5 or 13 tickets for $10.

1.  Rose quilt donated by Tillie Dinkel, quilted by Gertrude Brown, with 3 matching throw pillows

 2.  Flex Steel Rocker donated by Keller Furniture, Hays

 3.  Oreck vacuum donated by Horizon Appliances, Hays

 4.  Patio chair/table made & donated by George Gatschet, Hays

 5.  Floral bouquet donated by Regeena’s at CS Post, Hays

 6.  Thomas Kinkaid afghan donated by The Good Book Store, Hays

 7.  Porcelain doll made & donated by Elizabeth Pochop, Atwood

 8.  Red, 4 pc. American Tourister luggage set donated by JC Penney’s, Hays

 9.  Master Mechanic Cordless 9.6v drill/drive kit donated by Hamm’s True Value, Hays

10.  Large Afghan made & donated by Vera Rudman, Palco

11.  Crocheted double bedspread donated by Alexia Brungadrt, Hays

12.  Appliqued baby blanket made & donated by the Stichin’ Sisters, Hill City

13.  Two Bradford plates:  The Reward & The Disgrace

14.  Black, 2 pc. American Tourister luggage set donated by JC Penney’s, Hays

15.  Black, leather hanging garment bag donated by Kathy Rohr, Hays

16.  Small baby afghan made & donated by Vera Rudman, Palco

17.  Woven loom rug made & donated by Hazel Dick, Hays

18.  Knitted layette made & donated by Yeyette Houfek, Hays

19.  Coin set + 4 uncut dollar bills donated anonymously

20.  Mary and Jesus picture donated by Kathy Rohr, Hays

21.  Wall Rosary donated by Bernard Brown, Dodge City